Baby Kangaroo Therapy Pet Cuddles Up To Veterans In Utah Care Home

The last thing you’d expect to see hopping around a care home is a baby kangaroo in a diaper, but 1-year-old Charlie is a therapy pet bringing joy to everyone he meets.

Charlie is the resident therapy animal at a Utah care facility, offering company and plenty of cuddles to veterans and their families.

Charlie spends his days skipping around the halls looking for anyone who needs cheering up and, according to administrator Noralyn Kahn, he loves his job.

“He just knows that he has to love them,” she said, “It doesn’t matter what they look like or how they act, he’s there to love them.”

“It is very emotional to me because it is such tenderness. And it makes such a difference to so many lives.”

To thank him for his service, Charlie is even being honored with the Utah Red Cross at an upcoming Heroes Recognition Event. Keep up the good work, Charlie!