Morning links: Detmer says BYU's age advantage is 'overblown'; Sesame Street character sounds like LSU coach

Morning links: Detmer says BYU's age advantage is 'overblown'; Sesame Street character sounds like LSU coach

Since we are three days away from the BYU-LSU game, critics are starting to talk about the players’ ages, saying, according to The Advocate, that the Cougars’ average older age is an unfair advantage.

“I’m 24 and you’re 19; I’m going to have a maturity over you,” former BYU assistant coach Norm Chow said in the story. “It’s a unique place. They play with 25-, 26-year-old kids, mature guys that never have issues off the field.”

Critics believe the maturity level gives the Cougars an advantage over the Tigers. Former BYU great and current offensive coordinator Ty Detmer says the age difference isn’t that big of a deal.

“We’ve got some 20-year-old freshmen. They’re freshmen and play like freshmen,” said Detmer in the story. “It’s overblown. Guys still have to go out and play. Maturity level is a little better on some things, but it still takes them two to three years to learn the game coming into school.”

SUU among schools to respond to Houston coach’s call for help

As Hurricane Harvey continues to pound the Gulf Coast, University of Houston’s head basketball coach Kelvin Sampson called for all the basketball programs in every collegiate level to donate 20 of their school T-shirts and 10 pairs of shoes.

Many basketball programs replied with pictures of boxes of T-shirts and pairs of shoes ready to be shipped to Houston.

Schools such as Florida, Washington State and Southern Utah are all trying to play a part in helping the Cougars’ head coach.

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And finally …

It appears that Ed Orgeron, LSU’s head coach, and the Cookie Monster from Sesame Street have something in common. As the video on Twitter will speak for itself, you will see the Cookie Monster speaking about BYU using Orgeron’s voice while eating his cookies. Or maybe we are not giving the Cookie Monster enough credit for knowing his BYU football. You be the judge.

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