Rockmonster Unplugged: Hayward, Jimmer … I'm tired of them, too

Rockmonster Unplugged: Hayward, Jimmer … I'm tired of them, too

I got an email from a reader who said he enjoyed my Sunday column on Gordon Hayward.

My umpteenth column on Hayward, it seems to me. I feel like I’ve been covering him for 30 years.

The reader kindly pointed out (that’s a rarity) he was pretty much over Hayward and happy to get a break via Lee Benson’s piece on Jimmer Fredette that same day. True confession: Even those who write these stories get battle fatigue.

So I had to laugh. Jimmer, a relief?

If there’s one story that never goes away, it’s Jimmer Fredette. The saga followed him to Sacramento and Chicago and New Orleans and New York and China and back. But overexposure is an occupational hazard for him. Utah isn’t the only place these things happen.

When Yao Ming played for the Houston Rockets, several newspaper reporters from China covered every Rockets game, home and away. They rented apartments in Houston and lived there during the season.

I never heard what happened during the times he was injured, or how long the reporters stuck around. But it must have been tough creating stories that mattered to their audience during the down times.

When John Elway played for the Broncos, the Denver media reported on what kind of candy he gave out to trick-or-treaters.

Overkill has always been part of the news business, thanks in part to over-consuming, I guess.

Before there was such a thing as website hits, the mainstream media decided when a story died. Now internet traffic decides a lot of it.

Had enough of both Jimmer and Hayward? Me too. But there’s another story right around the corner.

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Published at Tue, 11 Jul 2017 16:50:00 +0000