Too Racy for School? Parents Outraged Over Utah Teachers Fitness Photos Posted on Social Media (IMAGES)

Mindi Jensen, a teacher at North Sanpete Middle School in Utah has found herself at the center controversy after local parents discovered what they believe to be inappropriate photos on her personal social media accounts, however, this story is far more complicated then it seems.

The thing is that Jensen was not simply posting revealing photos to social media to attract attention for personal gratification, her motivation was something far more innocent… She is a fitness enthusiast who was documenting her own triumphs and failures on her fitness endeavors such as competitions, to inspire others to achieve their own personal fitness goals.

The controversy began after the parents of a student complained to the school that Jensens personal photos were inappropriate, prompting the school to tell the teacher to set her photos to private. Shocked after hearing of the complaint, Jensen initially believed it was in the best interest of all parties involved to comply to the request but decided against it in the end.

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Then I thought, Why am I taking this picture off? she said. I get comments and messages that its inspirational to them, and that these women like my story, and theyre following my story, and if I put it to private then its not going to reach these people that might need and understand me.

Jensen said the school board met regarding the issue this week, and ahead of the meeting the principal asked her if she felt strongly enough about not setting the photos to private that she would stake her job on it, and she said she did.

Jensen said she wasnt sure exactly what happened at that meeting, but she said the principal contacted her afterward and said she wasnt in danger of losing her job and she could keep the photos set to public.

Jensen went on to say that a lot of the people who are complaining, are parents of students that arent even in her classes.

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