Utah Jazz replay every single turnover from Houston Rockets game in attempt to fix problems

Utah Jazz replay every single turnover from Houston Rockets game in attempt to fix problems

SALT LAKE CITY — There was a difficult cross-court pass here.

A bone-headed play there.

Trying to split a tough hole on occasion, and so on and so forth.

Members of the Utah Jazz relived all 22 turnovers from Monday’s 96-85 loss to the Houston Rockets ahead of Wednesday’s practice.

As the team tries to make a playoff push this second half of the season, Jazz coach Quin Snyder wanted to drive this message home to his players.

“We showed every turnover that we made against Houston on film this morning to try to really draw the connection between that you’re not going to win if you turn the ball over 22 times,” Snyder said. “The most notable time is when we were up 15 and gave it back on a bunch of consecutive possessions.”

Since returning from the All-Star break, the Jazz are averaging the most turnovers in the league (18.0) over this 1-2, three-game stretch.

Utah posted 19 against Portland, 11 against Dallas, then 22 versus the Rockets in the most recent game. The Jazz will look to cut down those mishaps during Friday’s ESPN game against the Minnesota Timberwolves.

“It’s good to watch it, to learn from it and then work on it today at practice,” said Joe Ingles, who made three turnovers in the Rockets loss. “Luckily, we’ve got another (practice) day tomorrow and hopefully sort it out by Friday.”

Focus is part of the problem.

Guys are still trying to get back in sync after returning from the All-Star break, where they had won 11 in a row beforehand. Identifying those specific situations where passes are lackadaisical, spacing isn’t correct and players are being too unselfish can eliminate a ton of those issues.

“We turned it over way too much to kind of give ourselves a chance,” Ingles said. “Some of them were obviously bad ones that you can prevent from the way we play, but some of them, too, are guys trying to be unselfish and get other guys involved and play the way we play so we’ve got to be better with the ball if they’re good or bad turnovers.”

It’s also easy to forget that Donovan Mitchell is the go-to offensive option as a rookie and he’s being matched up against lengthy defenders like Houston’s Trevor Ariza and Portland’s Maurice Harkless, both of whom are starting to figure out his tendencies. Mitchell is certainly holding himself accountable for his mistakes, but now the coaching staff is challenging him to make better reads and to stop being as predictable in his repertoire.

Mitchell made a season-high eight turnovers against the Rockets. More so than any drills or practice situations, the team is reshifting the mindset.

“We want to move and do things and when it gets harder, we’ve got to be able to mentally be tough enough to play through those things and stay disciplined,” Snyder said.

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Published at Wed, 28 Feb 2018 21:27:00 +0000